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    11 Dec 2018 The manual transmission is not extinct yet – only endangered. Even stick stalwarts such as BMW, Audi and Subaru hastened their retreat in The rub with rowing your own gears in an F-Type is it is only available in the V6.24 Apr 2018 Every version of it is available with a manual, except the only); BMW 320i Sedan (2018 RWD models only, 2019 is automatic only); BMW 330i
    16 Jan 2019 Here are 20 of the greatest stick shift cars that still offer a manual soft one, it’s one of the best manual transmissions available on any car at any price. . Of all BMW’s rivals in this class, few offer a row-your-own transmission,
    21 Jan 2019 BMW plans to further reduce the models offered with manual will be available in the future only with eight-speed automatic transmission.
    30 Nov 2018 One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the future next-generation BMW M3 is whether the model will come with a manual transmission
    1 Nov 2018 The list of manual transmissions grows smaller each year, but there are a few is one of the few remaining luxury sedans available with a manual transmission. BMW. 2-Series (Coupe), 6, Coupe: 230i (RWD), M240i (RWD).
    24 Jan 2019 A manual transmission allows you to use the momentum of the car’s from the 2019 model year that are available with a manual gearbox. buy the venerable BMW 3 Series luxury/sport sedan with a manual transmission.
    8 Jan 2019 Saving the manuals, one sports car at a time. In case you may have forgotten, yes, BMW still makes the M6 Gran Coupe. the ATS sedan, but the two-door coupe version is still available, manual transmission and all.
    19 Feb 2019 BMW discontinued the manual option for the all-new 2019 3-series, but gaining all-wheel drive but losing its available manual transmission.
    30 Nov 2018 It appears the M4 will be the only model to carry the manual feature the same manual transmission with a rear-wheel-drive drivetrain available. Unfortunately, BMW isn’t investing in a new manual transmission at this time.

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