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    Epi-Sport Epicondylitis Clasp Tennis Elbow support Band Brace, Physio Therapy Store.
    FLA Orthopedics Epi-Sport Tennis Elbow Band Brace Epicondylitis Clasp helps relieve pain from muscular overuse caused by work, sports or injury. It provides
    23 Nov 2011
    EpiSport Epicondylitis Clasp “L”: Excellent instructions on how to wear the clasp Features of the Epi-Lock Tennis Elbow Support: Reduces tennis elbow pain.
    Tennis elbow brace is great to wear during activity to minimize stretching and tearing of forearm tendons and speed healing. Epi-Sport EPI-Sport Tennis Elbow Forearm Clasp. EPI-Sport Complete wearing and care instructions included.Dual action compression on lateral and medial sides of elbow. • Elastic tension strap holds support in place. HOW TO APPLY: Position enclosed instructions.
    Actimove® EpiSport. Anatomically shaped Epicondylitis Brace. • Quick, targeted liner align to the natural shape of the elbow to ensure an optimal fit whilst the elastic levels to provide comfort during sport and everyday activities. Indications.
    Buy FLA Orthopedics H&PC-04769 Epi Sport Tennis Elbow Band Brace Clasp, Medium on Amazon.com ? FREE How to Wear a Tennis Elbow Brace. eHow.
    WEARING INSTRUCTIONS: With arm band loose, slip Epi-Sport® on arm and position the large side of the clasp on top with the buckle facing inward. Postion Epi-Sport® where compression is desired and readjust strap for a snug fit. See enclosed instructions.
    3 Apr 2016

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